Remembrance – Robert Wand

Remembrance – Robert Wand

This week we remembered the 100th Anniversary of the death of Haconby man Lance Corporal Robert Wand, of the 6th Lincolnshire Regiment, killed on the Somme on 14th September 1916.

Robert was the son of Richard Wand, a farm labourer and his wife Sarah Ellis. One of 12 children, he was born in 1883.

Robert was a member of the choir and also a bell ringer at Haconby and worked as a waggoner on a farm in Dunsby.

He was one of 9 men from the parishes of Haconby and Morton who joined up in October 1914. He first saw overseas service with the 6th Battalion Lincolnshire regiment in 1915.

On September 12th 1916, the Battalion left Bouzincourt and marched to trenches north of Orvilliers. In the following 2 days the Battalion lost 7 men with a further 30 wounded before being moved to the Battalion HQ on the 15th.

Robert is buried at Ovillers Military Cemetery and commemorated on the Haconby Memorial.

Robert’s cousins Tom Hutchins and Edward Ellis along with his nephew Thomas Wand all gave their lives in the service of their country during the Great War.


9th August 1915

Monday 9th August 1915


Today we learn of the sad deaths 7 of our local soldiers fighting for their contry in Gallipoli. All were killed in action serving with the 6th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment in what are the worst losses for our area reported in any single day of this war.

Frank Baldock of Bourne

Robert Benstead of Bourne

Herbert Percy Cleary of Bourne

Sidney Mugglestone Turner of Baston

Alfred James Chessum of Sempringham

Charlie Clark of Horbling

Henry Walter Green of Aslackby

Such a sad day for all the villages of our area, their loss will always be remembered.


7th August 1915

Saturday 7th August 1915


Today we learn of the sad death of Tom Hutchins of Haconby who died today serving his country with the 6th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment in Gallipoli.

He will be missed by all in the village, his sacrifice will not be forgotten.