The following soldiers lost their lives in the Great War 1914-1918 and appear on a memorial in Saint James’ Church in Aslackby.


A memorial tablet was erected in 1920 and was unveiled by the Earl of Ancaster.


The internal memorial reads:-

To The Glorious Memory Of
The Men Of Aslackby
Who Gave Up Their Lives In The War 1914 – 1918

Thomas C Pickering 1915
Charles Green 1917
Henry Green 1915
Gerald B Barstow 1918
John Edward Stanton 1917
Herbert Gubbins 1918
James Tyler 1917
Ernest Plowright 1918
George E Daff 1917
Russell Green 1918
James W Plowright 1918

Erected By Relatives And Friends.
“Faithful Unto Death”

Grantham Journal Saturday 19 June 1920

The clock was supplied by J B Joyce & co, Whitchurch. In the belfry is fixed a tablet which shows that:
“The parish clock was erected in 1920 in memory of the brave men who served in the European War 1914 – 1918”