Remembrance – Joseph Parker Taylor

Remembrance – Joseph Parker Taylor

Today, 26th September, we have been remembering Joseph Parker Taylor who died this day in 1915.

Joseph was born in Morton in 1896 to Joseph and Emma Taylor and was one of 8 children of which only 6 had survived by 1911.

Joseph’s Mother, Emma Taylor, died in 1910 and by 1911 Joseph was working as a 2nd Wagoner on a farm and living with farm foreman, Arthur Cook.

Enlisting in the Army, Joseph joined the 7th Battalion Lincolnshire regiment who were shipped to France in July 1915.

By mid August the battalion had first seen action in the heavy fighting in the trenches East of Ypres and from there had been moved to an area with sporadic heavy fighting being the front line near to Voormezeele.

This sector saw heavy casualties in September 1915 and on the 25th September the battalion were to be included in a large action where several bluffs were made as to which sector was the main attack. They remained in trenches until the end of September suffering heavy losses from enemy sniper and trench mortar action.

Joseph Parker Taylor was killed on the 26th September 1915 and is buried in the Voormezeele Cemetery in Belgium.
Joseph is also remembered on the Morton memorial.