Ok Folks, well we have arrived at a blog. Why? you may ask.

Well we are constantly adding to our research that is carried out for our hobby of history. Over the years interested people have asked questions about our research, many comment about the lack of updates on the www.jamieandsue.co.uk website, many don’t know that we have Twitter, Facebook and Flickr accounts that may or may not get regular updates. Our family history research can be found on Ancestry.co.uk, our photos on Flickr, our travels on Facebook and our occasional thoughts and tidbits on Twitter. No one media is best for getting the varied and sometimes small information that we track down communicated to our families, friends and fellow researchers that may be interested

This blog will hopefully be used to keep people up to date with our latest breakthroughs, travels, research and the occasional off topic piece of information that may help others with their research.

A bit of background then?….
Originally we started out with family research for a family tree and over the year have been sidetracked into Local History, Military history and generally researching anything of interest.

Currently the following topics appear in our research:-

  • Sue’s family story
  • Jamie’s family story
  • Morton and Hanthorpe village history
  • The Morton War Memorial
As things change we will try and get the information across in the form of this blog.