For three years we have been puzzling over the name Arthur Charles Parker.

He first came to our attention when we started to research the men of the Morton War Memorial. Our initial research drew a blank as to who he was. We checked other websites, such as the wonderful Roll of Honour website and yet still he remained a mystery.

Following our recent holiday we renewed our efforts to find out who this man was, all we know is that he had to have had a link to Morton otherwise he would not have appeared on the memorial.

My clever wife would not let this rest and managed to find a probate record for an Arthur Charles Parker for the correct period. When we looked into this we found out that the estate of this Arthur Charles Parker, a Lieutenant, went to his father Arthur Parker of Stonebridge, Grantham who was a Brigadier General. This new information rung some very big bells from our past research and at last we had something that ties Arthur Charles Parker to Lincolnshire.

Many years ago we researched Hanthorpe House and it’s then incumbent family called Parker. This family lived in Hanthorpe from around 1830 until 1910 and then a descendant returned in the early 20th century. The original Parker in Hanthorpe House was Lieutenant Colonel William Parker a JP and once Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire.
Lieutenant Colonel Parker’s Son went to live in Grantham when he left Hanthorpe so we now had a link between Arthur Charles Parker and the Morton area. A look back at the family research we did for the family many years ago showed that the Arthur Charles Parker on the Morton war memorial was in fact the Great Grandson of Lieutenant Colonel William Parker of Hanthorpe House.

Armed with the correct information we headed for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website and downloaded the information on there about Lieutenant Arthur Charles Parker of the 18th (Queen Mary’s Own) Hussars who was buried in the Hillingdon and Uxbridge Cemetery near London.

Having yesterday visited the cemetery we discovered that Lieutenant Arthur Charles Parker was buried in a family plot with his Father, Mother and his members of Mother’s family, Hilton.

As per usual armed with trusty camera we have now placed photographs onto our flickr account and will soon be writing up the history of Arthur Charles Parker our missing Morton war memorial name for our website

Photos are online at Hillingdon and Uxbridge…