Messages from the front reveal a yearning for home and family – Local – Bourne Local

This is an interesting local article by Rex Needle I found whilst browsing the Bourne Local website searching for an article about the Rippingale war memorial. Not what I was looking for but then again I am used to going off at a tangent when doing research.

The letters home article interested me as the first letter was written by Samuel Tipler of Bourne. The name Tipler is one that attached to my extended family tree many years ago through another family name. At the time we did not look too closely at them but I remembered that we added a couple of generations. Samuel unfortunately did not appear in my extended tree but some very quick research shows that he was born in Windsor and that his father, also Samuel was born in Bourne. It would appear that the family moved back to Bourne when Samuel junior was aged 5. The 1911 census shows Samuel working on a farm in Tongue End only a few years before entering service during the Great War.
The second letter was written by Percy Lunn, not a name that I have had to look into before but one that I remember being a local surname from my youth.

My interest in the Rippingale article was aroused because after researching the men named and thinking he had finished his work, the author was then alerted to the fact that there are other men with links to Rippingale that do not appear on the memorial.
One such name was John Thomas Taylor, a person we had only researched a few weeks ago. This John Taylor was born in Rippingale and then moved via Morton to Edenham before getting killed in the Great War. We have previously researched John Thomas Taylor in an effort to disprove that he could have been the John Taylor was who is listed on the Morton War Memorial.
Now all that remains is to find out where John Thomas taylor is remembered if it is neither Morton or Rippingale. Perhaps a trip to Edenham Church will reveal the answer.

I still need to find the article from the Bourne Local about the Rippingale memorial if it was online but at least I now have a paper copy to study.